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July 19, 2021

Cuba, Iran, and the Shame of the United States 

The communists in our government have no shame. The two nitwits at the top are puppets in charge in name only. Disgraceful. We are in more peril now than ever and the Biden cabal has no ability to keep us safe. They are trying to ruin this nation on purpose and think we don't see it.

July 12, 2021

Democrats silent on Cuba protests so they don't insult Communists

Cubans wave American flags as a symbol of freedom as leftist, Marxist democrats shit on it in our own country. As Marxists, the democrats can't possibly be seen to support freedom and individual liberty, so they say they have the right to protest...just like leftists in this country. The Marxist Biden administration is an International embarrassment and a gift to other communists like China.

And now to digress: They are the racists and they are setting up a situation that will disintegrate under them and hurt minority Americans worse than ever. The credit act will end like the housing bubble brought on by democrats pandering to minorities. Forgiving minority fam loans and giving them a vote-buying 20% bonus payoff? How is that not illegal? Telling minorities every day they are inferior? How long does that last? Bernie Sanders is a Marxist/Communist, not a Democrat Socialist. The rest of the democrats are plain Marxist. They didn't allow honoring the founding fathers at Mount Rushmore this year because their hero is Karl Marx.