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July 12, 2021

Aging ferry hopes for new life off shores of Cape May 

The rest of the headline should say "as long as the current administration doesn't get to touch it."

When faced with an ageing fleet they took the vessel they spent $27million on and sold it for $200k and sank it to make an artificial reef. Talk about a lack of foresight. 

These people have to be drone-minded government leftists. Typical government boondoggle. They actually admit they spent $27 million to overhaul the Twin Capes, never saw the profits they were expecting from it, then instead of taking the oldest ferry out of service, they sunk the Twin Capes off Cape May to make an artificial reef. Now they’re looking into replacing the 42 and 47 year old ferries which might result is less capacity. We’re these democrats? Talk about bad decisions.

"According to the recent economic-impact study, vehicle use has dropped by about 30,000 since 2009, and passengers by nearly 100,000. Ticket revenues have dropped almost $1 million. Concessions, meanwhile, have steadily increased. At the same time, operations expenditures have risen from $34.8 million in 2009 to $40.6 million in 2018.
But since 2013, the ridership and financial numbers have gradually started to trend back upward. "
What? The second paragraph contradicts the first. I smell bureaucrats.

Then take the local press commentary and support for a bridge across the bay. "The government is looking to spend money?" Really? So that's the excuse you need to put a bridge over the Delaware Bay? The Press of Atlantic City's opinion and comments are moronic leftist bullshit. Maybe stick to supporting AMTRAK or the post office, two organizations that never operate in the black, but keep getting funded.

Replace the ferries without decreasing capacity, shut up, move on.