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July 15, 2021

Biden said Confederates did not storm the capitol. Really?

Uh, excuse me there Herodotus, but in case you missed it, they may not have stormed the capitol, but a confederate named John Wilkes Booth murdered the president, you moron. Are democrats currently in a contest for who can say the biggest, most absurd lie? I know you've been running a campaign of inverting the truth and pretending you're not lying, but truly ridiculous douchebaggery is just a bridge too far. Try again, knucklehead. Oh, and tell your leftist buddies lying about voting laws to shut those sewers they call mouths. We know you didn't go to Philadelphia because that's the "cradle of democracy." You went there to throw shade on the letter the former US attorney sent to Trump about voter fraud in the state. Leftists need to stop thinking you're slick. You're not. The president proves crackpots can also be globalist, leftist drones.

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