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March 30, 2021


Nice to see Biden is repeating the lies his globalist patrons tell him to spew. What's truly racist about this situation is the leftist insinuation that minorities are too inept to come up with identification. They somehow found the DMV, but can't get a voter ID? This is privileged white leftists telling you minorities are incapable of functioning without their patronage. They've been doing it so long and getting away with it, they created BLM to do it. There is nothing unconstitutional about this move and over 70% of Americans approve of voter ID. Also, you have to ask yourself why Democrats don't want it. Never trust anyone or any political party who demands to remain anonymous while voting. Funny, Biden opposed the school bus civil rights laws and praised Robert Byrd, a former KKK official for his opposition to them. Who are the real racists here...

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