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April 2, 2010

A-Hole of the Next Ten Minutes

In a new feature here on Brainclogger and a tribute to Larry Flynt, I've decided to put a face to the people I consider perpetrating utter stupidity in the name of humanity. Sadly, there are so many brown-eyes, turd cutters, sphincters, poop chutes, rectal caves, balloon knots and other a-hole resembling people doing a-hole-ish things that I can't go with "A-Hole of the month," or the week, or even the day. People in society today, not even mentioning our government make not calling someone a butthole every few minutes virtually impossible.

Back to these two silly Russians. Dipshit female number one, on the left, barely 17 years-old, was most likely 16 in the picture with her "husband," a rat bastard Muslim terrorist otherwise known as dipshit male number two (also an anal reference)on the right. Where were these kids parents? Maybe they're the real a-holes of the next ten minutes. Who let her marry at 16? Who made her an extremist shithead? Who turned her into a mass murderer? Who gave her the gun she has in her miniature hand? Who introduced her to the Muslim zealot she apparently married as a child?

So where does a 17 year-old girl get an explosive belt? There must not be many malls in Russia, or schools, or proms, cell phones, Facebook, or TV, or something other than marrying young, filling yourself full of hate, and instead of going to the movies with your friends, you blow-up a subway full of innocent people because in your warped mind, the mass-murdering shithead you married whom the government killed, needs to be avenged. Maybe they never learned to fish.

I am so tired of hearing about Muslim terrorists I could scream. They're like the ACLU...they're always doing despicable things for the wrong reason, and they just won't go away.

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