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March 29, 2010

Ricky's gay and Spicoli's a Commie!


Come on, anyone could tell Ricky Martin was flaming? If you couldn't, you were obviously blind.

Sean Penn is a deluded communist of epic proportions, and not only did he open his stupid mouth wide enough on Bill Maher to spew sewage all over, but he helped Maher look like an even bigger gutless pinko shithead than he already did, the pseudo-intellectual arrogant self-absorbed egotistical jackoff that he is. But I digress.

What Bill "am I as important as I feel" Maher didn't call Sean Penn on was this: Penn said people are big meanies and say lies about his buddy Hugo Chavez, and "anyone that says such things should be jailed." Hmm, let me think who that reminds me of? Stalin? Pinochet? Castro? Duvalier? Mao? Kim Jong Il? Edi Amin? Saddam Hussein? The Nazis? The Chinese? Wow, what friends are these, Sean?

You see, Bill Maher should have had the guts to stop being a sniveling liberal for two minutes and say "Hey Sean, what you're saying here is people who exercise their rights to free speech under our Constitution should be thrown in jail? Really? Did Sean Penn just let us in on a glimpse of how screwed-up he really is? After all, I still remember he went over and had tea with Saddam. That from a guy that cruise the streets of New Orleans after Katrina with a shotgun. The same guy that punches-out photographers and doesn't think he deserves to be punished, but talk about his little buddy and you should go to jail ya big meanie doo doo head!

He must have congratulated Chavez after he changed his constitution by force in order to elect himself president in perpetuity, closed the TV stations and newspapers, took over the oil companies and threw 70% of his country into poverty...but hey, that's not a communist dictator any more so than in North Korea.

Maybe it's all a cover? Maybe he works for the CIA? He has to be, or else he's the biggest brown-eye on the planet. Well, next to Maher.

Nah, he really is the butthole we all think he is.

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