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March 16, 2006

Underground Railroad Museum $5.5M in Red

I have to stop laughing long enough to type this... Political correctness comes back to haunt Cincinnati!!!

This thing has to be little more than a giant static display. I can't see too many moving parts required. Does it really need a $10 million /year budget? I'm laughing again!

Come on, having people re-enact operations of the "underground railroad" is just cruel, not to mention an EO complaint because you don't let any American Indian (Native American) or Alaska Natives (a.k.a. Eskimos) play the parts of slaves escaping the South! Racist bastards!

So 15 people already had to go? What do they think this is...The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I can't picture a very cheerful atmosphere, any rides, IMAX theater, or aquarium. Here's a hint; civil war reenactor-nerds do that stuff for free...just like people who go to Star Trek conventions or dress-up like characters from Star Wars.

A $110 million dollar Freedom Center. Wow! I can think of a bunch of things you could have spent your money on. You have to love PC politicians spending other people's money, then going back to the well after they realize how big of a failure they created. I wouldn't pay for it.

A $110,000,000 dollar Freedom Center in Cincinnati Ohio? Cincinnati...the city right near the Kentucky border? It's still in Ohio, isn't it? Ohio is still between Pennsylvania and Illinois, right? The people being known as among the most boring and plain in the entire country? The 86% caucasian (not of Hispanic origin) state? (Jersey is 66%). Jeepers Creepers!

Actually, I'm just kidding. Harriet Beecher Stowe lived in Cincinnati, and Ohio actually had the most developed and active underground railroad network of any state. It's very interesting and very historic. I just think the museum is a bit over-the-top. Check out the website:

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