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March 16, 2006

Politicians should stay away from foreign policy

I thought about this earlier this morning when I saw a news article about the House of Representatives introducing a bill that would punish Iran. Well just hold the flappety-flappin phone a minute...

These are the same representatives who:
-let focus groups and lobbyists tell them how to think
-vote along poll numbers instead of with their conscience
-let special interests rule their terms of service
-allow political correctness to focus their efforts on the truly meaningless
-can't get along with each other
-believe bashing the president is a course of action for our country
-join subcommittees for the apparent prestige without knowing what the hell they're doing
-spend billions (with a b) of taxpayer dollars on pet projects, kickbacks, and political rewards

People full of this kind of bullshit and with this kind of bureaucratic narrow-mindedness should stick to domestic affairs where they can line their own pockets and not get our whole country in trouble.

For example, Congressman Kendrick Meek of Florida. His biggest claim to fame is being on the House Armed Services committee, where earlier this week, he told Secretary Rumsfeld there weren't enough minority generals in the military. That's pretty f-ing thin, but par for the course for Meek. Pretty boy...

How long were you in the military there, Congressman? Never? Oh...I see. Well, how about a nice hot cup of shut the f--k up! Minorities don't join the combat arms, they join the support units. Most of the generals come out of the combat arms, so unless you can convince more minorities to be grunts, then zip it, okay pal... I'm sick and tired of the whole EO speech. There are no roadblocks to minorities in the military or the service academies, so knock it off. Where did you go? A predominantly black school? Whoa! What about getting ahead based on merit there, Mama's boy? Yep, he got elected because his mother was the congresswoman in his district before him. How else do you go from Highway patrol to US House of Representatives so quickly?

What he should be asking is are there too many generals to begin with? How did we go from an 850,000 soldier force (pre-1994), to a 420,000 soldier force and not eliminate one single general officer position? Not one.

What about congressmen and women with agendas that aren't beneficial to society as a whole. Why would a congresswoman from California be so involved with Haiti? It was a black thing. Why is another so involved in Cuba to the detriment of other aspects of her service? Because she's Cuban. Should they be allowed to influence foreign policy? Definitely not.

Why would others let corporations tell them what to do unless there was something in it for them? What about the thousands, or possibly millions of people affected by a corporation wreaking havoc and raining death and destruction on them? Example? The most heavily subsidized industry in America is the sugar industry in Florida...the same industry that is destroying or has destroyed Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades. "Big" Sugar. The pollution from lake water released to both coasts devastates huge areas, kills millions of marine creatures, birds, reptiles, and both land and marine mammals, hurts other industries, and affects millions of people. The artificially high level of the lake has killed lake species, some specific only to that lake. Fertilizers have poisoned ground water and run-off causes algae blooms and devastation to both fresh and salt-water environments. The Everglades was called the "river of grass" until they dammed the lake in order to irrigate sugar lands. So why is it every time a sugar industry executive sneezes there's a politician there to wipe his nose?

Can you trust people who can't fix things at home to handle foreign policy?

Why do some of these people not have websites? Why do some of these people have no way to contact them except by phone to their office where some flunkie takes a message or you hear a recording to request information rather than get in touch? Why do none of the email links to them work (I spent time and tried a bunch.)

Politicians today just don't have the skills to do foreign policy, and they rely on bad advice, racial bias, ethnic bias, lobbyists, prejudices, personal agendas, and a bunch of other things they shouldn't. They should leave it to people who can do it right, and don't speak for corporations, special interest, or political parties, but truly have the best interests of our people at heart.

I know... I have as much chance of seeing that as I do peeing in the ocean and raising the tide...

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