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March 12, 2006

Lying liberal whack-job alert!!!

Feingold Proposes Bush Censure Over Spying

Again the democrats are so clue-less they have nothing else they can do but bash the president. Thanks for making every country around the world know our government is a bunch of arrogant, elitist, back-stabbing, disloyal, uncooperative and incompetent buffoons who are so out of touch with real life they all need ass-kickings. Thanks again.

Yep, Bill Clinton can use the NSA to watch Americans and that shithead President Carter can give away our strategic defense capability in the Caribbean and let the Chinese government control the Panama canal, but let Mr Bush use the NSA and everybody suddenly has an issue.

Talk about some disingenuous partisan bullshit. (By the way, I know the Carter thing is off the point, but that just pisses me off).

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