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March 17, 2006

Gay Pol to Skip St. Patrick's Day Parade

Go ahead and skip it little Miss Carpet-muncher! This is the kind of stuff that makes gays look stupid as they try to push their agenda. A Gay and Lesbian Irish group? How F'ing stupid is that. Look out! Here come the Gay Indians, the Lesbian Eskimos, the Androgynous Asian Pacific Islanders, the Black he-she Association, the Transsexual Dwarves, and the Cross-dressing Canadian Club!

Do gays and lesbians have hearing problems or cognitive difficulties? Are they mentally-challenged? Why do I ask? The reason is obvious!

You weren't invited to the parade! Hello! It's kind of hard to boycott the parade and say you aren't going to go when you aren't invited and no one wants you there! This broad's probably a snotty pain-in-the-ass. "Well, I'm not going." Good, you're not invited. "Well, I'm not going" and on and on...

Oh, look at me! I'm so cool and trendy! Who needs the parade...I'll just go get some dinner and maybe go to church like a good little homosexual...

Do you think any of the people in the parade will be carrying any signs or banners celebrating their heterosexuality? I don't think so. Why? Because nobody wants to hear that shit...from any of them. No gay Irish or cleft-palate Italians. No cross-eyed Asians or transgender Germans or any of that stuff.

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