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March 13, 2006

A couple thoughts...

When's the last time a liberal recommended a solution to an issue instead of just trying to make someone else look bad? They're like children who spill ice cream on the floor, then try to blame the other kids for their mistake while they have money handed to them and pull out their other pocket claiming they haven't gotten any money yet.

Why would a Jew buy a German car?

If China locks-up gays and forbids homosexuality, should gays shop at Wal-Mart? (Hint: 70% of everything in the store is made in China)

What could be worse than a lawyer who goes into politics?

The same people who want to impeach the president think it was okay for President Clinton to get a BJ in the White House, dip his cigar "where the sun don't shine," spooge on his college intern's dress, then lie about it to the entire country on national TV and try to use some lawyerly bullshit (the definition of "is") to get out of it. Then his wife just lets it go and she's the darling of these same democrats?

Wow. How does Bill do that?

If someone really needs an ass-whooping, you should be able to give them one. There should be guidelines you can go by and keep on something the size of a credit card so you can hand it to them beforehand. Family members don't need a card first.

Why don't people like station wagons but love mini-vans? If you put a sliding door on the side, would they like it then?

If you buy a foreign car that's built in this country, are you helping to keep someone employed and giving money to foreigners? If you buy an American car, are you paying a corporation and a labor union...and giving money to foreigners since most of them are made in Canada and Mexico?

Gordon Gekko is an ass. Greed is not good. Greed will lead to some country trying to take-over the United States within my lifetime.

Ignorance and Greed led to American jobs going overseas. Both sides wanted too much money.

Ignorance and Greed led us to the Iraq war. The oil companies hold all the top seats in government.

Ignorance and Greed will keep gas prices high. No way the government would ever let the oil companies have less-than "insane" profits.

Ignorance and Greed led us to the trade imbalance: Everybody has to buy everything they can, money or not. No one remembers to buy American-made, and some things you can't buy American-made, even things we invented.

Ignorance and Greed led to my divorce. She was worried about herself first, not her son, marriage, home, honor, or morality. Now she can live with the consequences.

Ignorance and Greed puts people in bankruptcy.

Ignorance and Greed started every war in history. It's the battle of the "haves versus the have-nots," and the greedy struggle for power and domination. People don't remember the movie "War Games," where the message of the movie was there is no winner in a nuclear war. The only point is not to have one. Maybe we should show it to the Iranians.

Ignorance and Greed keeps France on the side of the money every time.

Ignorance and Greed guarantees there will never be a cure for cancer, hair loss, aging, failing eyesight, liver disease, TB, or any other disease the drug companies profit from.

Why is my wife so smoking-hot?

Why do we value money and rich people with no moral value, character, or integrity more than a common person with these traits?

Do all people that are sniveling pukes and selfish jerks as kids stay that way the rest of their lives?

Where did the first person come from that ate a crab, a bears gall bladder, a shark fin, a camel's hump, a gorilla paw, or an elephant's asshole? I'll give you a rhymes with China.

If stupid girls who think modeling has a redeeming social value and get paid to walk around in lingerie and ugly dresses all the time and profess to love it so much...why aren't any of them smiling?

Can a gay man dress a male model to represent all men, or just gay men?

Fashion weirdos think people watch "Fashion TV" for the designer clothes. Nope. They watch it for the girls in swimwear and lingerie who (every once in a while) don't look like they need a sandwich and 8-hours sleep. When they show the faggy-looking guys (really kids), that's when people take a potty break.

Is an insurance company breaking any laws when they fail to pay? Oh, I forget, they own the other part of the government not owned by the oil and drug companies...

Why is it when you sleep in so late that you have problems getting to sleep the next night, when you wake up the following morning, you're still tired?

Now I understand the philosophical difference between Sting saying "We are spirits in a material world" and Madonna saying "I am a material girl." What a worthless tramp.

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