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March 12, 2006

Chicago Requires Driver's Ed for the Blind

The finest education system in the world!

They also require them to pass needlepoint in home economics, play dodgeball in gym class, play baseball, participate in cross country running as an extra curricular (for those new to the U.S., that means running long distances through the woods), be the bus monitors, take the welding test in metal shop and make a microscope rack in woodshop, string the lights at "non-specific non-denominational winter celebration" time, coach the shooting team, and judge all horse-jumping competitions.

The hearing-impaired (also known as the deaf) kids are required to pass music class, the physically challenged, handi-capable kids (if you call them the crippled kids, or the gimpy kids, or the "one with the bum leg," you get sued) have to join JROTC. The developmentally challenged (can't call them retards) are required to join the debate team, the cheerleading squad, and cut all the firewood for the homecoming bonfire. After all, there's nothing that says handi-capable better than giving a bunch of retards a mess of axes and chainsaws and saying "have at-it!"

Actually, in lawsuit-happy America, the school system is probably afraid to not include them in drivers ed. You never know, one of the blind kids may pull the "race card!"

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