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January 23, 2006

"America is the biggest terrorist in the world,"

said Maulana Mohammed Sadiq, a lawmaker in the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party that helped organize the protest. "America bombed innocent people inside their homes." Takes one to know one you freakin shit-eating towelhead!
I have an idea...go get a job! Maybe you should be more mad at your dentist, you hillbilly retard.

The article in Fox news basically describes how everyone in that area supports and harbor the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Now comes the smoke and mirrors as they try to get the attention off of themselves.

Funny how on one side of Pakistan they harbor terrorists and hate our guts, while on the other side we're saving their sorry asses after an earthquake...probably while they hate our guts there also.

No matter what we do, these backward-assed idiots will always hate us. Let's stop acting like we care... We need to stop helping stupid people...

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