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October 16, 2005

White supremacist Riot in Toledo, Ohio

Waving the bullshit flag!

Read my last entry, then think of the irony... Then read all the news articles related to the white idiots marching in Ohio. I had to wave the bullshit flag! Guess what...none of the supposed "white supremacist's" were rioting. Nope. None of them. The rioters were black. Once the rioting got going, the marchers aparently went home...but the riots continued.

Oops! Did I say that out loud? Oh, I forget, due to political correctness beyond my control, it's no longer advisable to tell the truth. Yes, we may offend someone, or we may just look like we want to be honest, and you know we can't have that...

Newsflash!!! The Redneck White Boys, no matter how ridiculous they may be, have the right to their opinion, and just because it differs from everyone else's PC opinion, they don't always have to be labeled a "hate group." The people against the march have the right to their opinions too, but when they turn to violence and the press blames it on someone else, that's some bullshit.

Another Newsflash!!! The news media is trying to pander to the PC culture. Scroll down a few more entries to the one about the AP being a bunch of hacks. Well, here they go again. The headline in the Reuters article said "Ohio Neo-Nazi March Sparks Violence, Arrests." But if you look in both articles, they don't point the finger like they did when the New Orleans cops beat-up that guy. Nope, in that article, they said "Mr. Davis, who is black, ..." and then went on to say the cops were white. This time, they went with an angle that can only be called a lie.

This time, when violence is perpetrated by blacks, it is apparently still too politically incorrect to say that. The AP actually blamed the socialist group for doing the rioting, which is an out-and-out lie...not true...false...incorrect. A white man's bar got damaged by black rioters, but the news said nothing. Next thing you know, the press will get a new name for the apple (so you can't call an apple an apple, if you missed that one).

The media is trying to manipulate people's attitudes, thoughts, and their very minds by pandering to the politically correct and justifying the lies they spew to you. They're evil, they're liberal, and their worse than those dipshit white supremacist marchers. At least they go stand in the light of day and tell you what they believe in.


  1. The Neo-Nazis were not doing anything illegal, but their actions were still offensive and immoral, so I don't see why you're sticking up for them.


  2. Jaxebad,

    I understand your point of view. However, if we denied people their rights on the basis that their opinion offended us, or was immoral in our opinion, where would we be? Using that standard, then about everything the ACLU does would be wrong (not that it isn't already). The white supremacist ideology, although sickening, is offensive, but really no more offensive than what Minister Farrakhan preaches when he spouts "white devil" and accuses the president of breaking a levee in order to kill blacks. It's just not PC to say so. Do you want me to keep up the hypocracy, or raise the bullshit flag? I find the double-standard offensive.

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