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October 17, 2005

The idiots from the 60's.

Let me be a bit more clear on this comment...

I consider the following people and/or groups from the 60's "idiots."

  • The Kennedy's. One gets a free pass after letting a girl he was cheating on his wife with drown in his car...and now, he's a fat senator with "pull." Then his brother and sister-in-law, with all this "Camelot" nonsense, thinking there's such a thing as American royalty. Wait a minute Mr. wouldn't be the same guy whose daddy got him elected, would you? The daddy that made his money as a bootlegger? Oh, and he wouldn't have been there if not for the mob, so consorting with the underworld may not be the best example of how to do things...or maybe it is? Then the nepotism that put his younger brother in the attorney general's job, only to backfire and probably get both of them killed for screwing with the mob. Sirhan Sirhan... Horse shit...Horse shit...
  • People against civil rights. A prime example of the American bullshit attitude of "I'm better than you." What makes some backward-ass, inbred, horn-rimmed birthcontrol glasses-wearing, flat-top haircut having whitebread knucklehead think he's better than a black farmer just minding his business? The whole "I hate you, and you, and you too" thing just pisses me off. Anybody that uses a firehose or "sicks" a dog on you just because you want to have the same rights they have is an ass.
  • People with the "black power" slave mentality. They were advocating violence, while telling everyone how the white devil "owed" them. That attitude still exists, and until we get over it, race relations will never get ironed out. People in general are unwilling to understand that the only "race" is the human race, and that color is only skin deep, but being an idiot goes all the way to the bone. But then again, we have a slave mentality in this country that led to things like a mass concentration of helpless people in New Orleans, which was blamed on George Bush, demonstrating the other mentality, the one of "blame someone else" and a lack of self-reliance. Damn the man!
  • Flower children. The whole "live and let-live" thing was a lot of crap. It was an excuse to sit around, take drugs, do nothing but become a burden on someone else, have lots of sex, play music, and... well, actually, that sounds pretty good. Skip that. It's like living the life of a perpetual high-schooler. Next time I have the opportunity to go live the sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll life instead of coming to the middle east and defending everyone else's rights, I'll do that instead.
  • Women's Libbers. Guess what...a bra is used to keep things in place so they don't stretch-out and give you something else to complain about. I'm sorry you can't be guys, but hey, I can't be a girl, so I guess we're even. The only thing you liberated yourselves from was your senses. Oh, that, and the traditional view of nurturing your children. Yep, your fragile ego led to your kids being a bunch of worthless fucks. I hope that job was worth it. Happy now? Now you can be upset no one wants to have sex with you.
  • The "space race." It was a race with no finish line, no real competition (it wasn't like the Russians were using their own designs for space rockets), and no point. Sputnik was a glorified garage door opener. Oh, and the timing of when we landed on the moon (the end of 1968, the most tragic year in our history)? A bit too ironic for me. Truth is...we never landed on the moon... Nope, never. Capricorn One was a documentary...
  • The Johnsons.- Now there was an egotistical puke, and a good old Texas bubba like GW, with some ironic similarities. Both oil guys, and both big business good-old-boys. Johnson cashed-in bigtime thru dealings with Brown and Root, and these many years later, the former president of the parent company for KBR is our Vice President. We went full bore into Vietnam just like Iraq (after they rubbed-out JFK, who was against that), and a few people got very, very rich. Now KBR is making a killing in the middle east. (What the Bush's are pocketing is unknown, but when I see a Saudi prince at the ranch in Crawford, I wonder, but Johnson benefitted personally). Aside from that, everything in the Johnson family held the initials LBJ. Everything. Johnson also hamstrung the military while protecting Ho Chi Minh, which extended the war and got a lot of troopers killed. Nice military record, ya puke (he was "appointed" a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval reserve, instead of working his way to that rank)! He was an observer in a plane that turned-tail and ran in the face of the enemy, and for his gallantry, he received the Silver Star.

Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter. Graft, corruption, greed, vice...they're all guilty. Lining their pockets at the expense of the rest of us...but I digress.

There are more things, but it's time for lunch. Wow, does this make me look like a right-winger or what! Only on Mondays...

I'm actually not this hateful, but sometimes venting is fun...


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