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October 16, 2005

How Ironic...and sad

It's funny that in light of today's events, concerned with nothing else than all things that polarize our people and lead to nothing but hate and discontent; if I do a search for my blog on any one of a number of search engines, the one that consistently comes up is the one called "My Racial Moment...Sorry."

What is that one? 45 out of about 82? Why that one? Is that the only one considered sexy and derisive enough to link? Is it because that one has been quoted and linked by other boggers?

I think it's because our country continues to concentrate on the wrong thing.

Our country will destroy itself from within in the next 50 years... Melodramatic? Yes, but considering the course the idiots from the 60's put us on, it doesn't seem a short enough time frame.



  1. "Is it because that one has been quoted and linked by other boggers?"


  2. just to get something straight, "the idiots from the 60's" would be the line of men in full dress riot gear, or the kids sticking flowers in the ends of their guns?

  3. Actually, the "idiots from the 60's" were both groups. Americans need to learn how to unite as Americans, not fight each other. Around the world, other people laugh at us for how we tear ourselves apart, treat each other with such contempt; disrespect our leaders, and show we are mainly concerned with money and material things. Some of the guys in the riot gear were probably just kids themselves, scared shitless and being looked at like they were a bunch of thugs. On the other hand, the "flower children" are the greatest example of narcissism ever, which is ironic and sad since they preached "community." Their biggest conflict was with themselves, therefore making them as hypocritical as the government they so despised. It wasn't expressing freedom so much as it was egocentrism, and escapism. Now these people, who were mixed-up kids, are mixing-up their own kids, so the problem perpetuates itself. I find our nations history during the turmoil and troubles of the 60's embarrassing. Problem is, the turmoil and troubles aren't over. Where's the enlightenment I've been waiting for?