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October 31, 2005

Birds verses Windmills

Now this is typical tree-hugger bullshit. Either people want alternative forms of energy or they don't. These same people who want to protect the birds by shutting down the windmills, will probably drive over and protest the power plant that has to pick up the slack for the lost windmill power.

It's all that "we say we want it to be PC, but we don't really want it," double-talk bullshit that makes me want to kill someone. What comes first, people or birds? Why can't you scare the birds away? Are they too stupid to see a giant whirling propeller? What's next? After this, the powerplant is making the air the birds fly in dirty? The fields around the power turbines have too much goose poo and it's mean to the ducks? The birds of prey feel singled-out for being carnivores and protested by the vegetarian tree huggers? Will the birds get lawyers?

If we shoot some of the birds, will others commit suicide in protest? Maybe they'll fly away and not go into the spinning windmills? We chase birds away from airports, right? Maybe we can play some Celine Deion! That's it! Her music can repel anything!

I know! Replace the windmills with a nice little nuclear power plant! They're fun for the whole family! Put an oil refinery on the other part of the property, and buy the land next door, strip off all the trees, then make it an open-pit mine. When the environmentalists want the windmills back again, we can strap antlers on their heads and hunt them like deer.

Like I said, we either want clean energy, or we don't. I know, I shouldn't expect for a Californian to make up their mind... Ooh, burn...


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