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October 21, 2005

ACLU Christmas Tree like a Chinese Finger Trap

You know, every time I hear about those idiot lawyers at the ACLU, it makes my head hurt.

Why are they called the "civil" liberties union? The preponderance of Americans want to put up Christmas trees, string some lights, sing songs (or at least listen to them), and celebrate the Christmas season (yes, the Christmas season) by actually demonstrating good will towards their fellow man, and hope for peace on earth. They are also anything but civil, as they infringe on all our rights for the sake of a few misguided and maladjusted cretins...

But No! Not you bastards at the ACLU! Anyone having the right to celebrate a Christian holiday is the enemy to you pagan fucks, so you go to the ends of the earth to make sure you ruin it for everyone and turn them into the same lifeless, joyless, hopeless, dickless morons you are! We don't want to be you. We like Americans, and we hate lawyers! Why won't you just go away?

It's not Festivus. It's not Chrisma-Hanu-Kwanzuka, nor is it Yoma-Hanu-Kwansmas.

Take your lawyer- communist-freedom-hater blinders off and realize that we left Europe and established this country to get AWAY from assholes like you. Be gone!!! Piss off!!!

So find an ACLU lawyer, tie him to a liberal, ram a Christmas tree where the sun don't shine, then plug the lights in. Then try to remove it quickly. Yep, just like a Chinese finger trap! Like a six-foot evergreen anal lawn dart! You never know...they may even like it, the sick freaks!


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