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September 11, 2005

Where was God for that one?

When the airplanes full of innocent people were about to crash into the World Trade Center and that farm field in Pennsylvania, where was God? I can understand the Pentagon, as that was a military target.

When the Muslims in Darfur were raping women in order to "breed their kind out" where was God?

When warlords are killing the men, raping the women AND the children, then killing all of them in Somalia, where was God?

When Saddam was gassing thousands, where was God then?

When Hitler was killing the Jews, where was he?

When people were killing in his name, why didn't he come and say "whoa, don't blame me for that?"

When genocide was happening in the Balkans and entire civilizations were disappearing, where was God?

When God took a dear friend when he was only seventeen, or both my grandparents in their early sixties, or lets so many children around the world suffer and starve every day, where is God? When my cousin suffered for years and then died from Muscular Dystrophy, forcing his two brothers, two sisters, and parents to participate in all that, with his mother going and praying in church every day, where was he then? If he does exist, he has a pretty sick friggin sense of humor that I don't appreciate.

My mother's a devout Catholic and my Dad is a believer, and now my brother and his idiot wife disrespect them and treat them like dirt, although there's this thing about "honor thy father and mother." My Dad cries and my Mom tries to act like it doesn't bother her, in kind of a weird role reversal, but it bothers them both. Dad's lost weight and the doctor told Mom she had a silent heart attack. What's worse is, my brother's always been an asshole. Where are the repercussions if you don't honor them? Where's the wrath we hear of? Where's the justice?

We already know that if women swear to be faithful and loyal in front of a priest and their entire family in a church, then don't do it, not only do they not get punished, but get rewarded with custody of the kids. Yep, that Catholic education really paid off!

When God lets religions usurp his authority on earth, Catholic priests abuse young boys and the "church" to get away with covering it up and condoning it, where is he? Yes, by covering it up, they condone it.

Well, when he lets a kid who serves in this hell for a year (for a reason none of us are really sure), only to go back to Louisiana and have his mother tell him that his brother was killed by the hurricane...well, that's just cruel. Where's God for that one?

Faith you say? No. People who are believers try to make people who question God's existence feel badly. They try to make you feel as if you should have some sort of shame for not believing as they do, or that the mere act of questioning things is mortally wrong and they see you as lesser of a person. That arrogance is part of the whole God "thing." Arrogance is also a bad thing. If the meek shall inherit the earth, where are the meek? Certainly not in charge of anything, just look around. Faith can also equal foolishness...

Maybe I don't know enough about this whole God thing? Maybe I need to examine it more. All I know is, I was a church-going Catholic. Then, after seeing the church condone buggary, I stopped all that. Well, that, and after having priest after priest trying to talk me into separating myself from my money because it was my "duty and obligation." Sure it is. After taking a look around at all the evil crap that's done in the name of God, and the stuff that happens that really calls for divine intervention, my belief kind of stopped too...

Our president claims to be a God guy. I guess part of that is having little or no problem with sending young kids to die... Jessie Jackson claims to be a reverend, but somehow it doesn't stop him from banging strange women, imbezzling money, and showing his racist side by bad-mouthing the "white devil." How many of those other religious "leaders" are such great role models? Swaggart? Hey, who cried on TV about having sex with young girls? Pat Robertson? He's like Vito Corleone, looking to "whack out" Hugo Chavez! Does being religious mean I have to hang out with these people?

Faith you say?

No thanks....

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