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September 1, 2005

Thanks Jessie!!!

Pat Robertson is an idiot. There, I said it, bottom-line up front. What a dipshit. Okay, so here's a South American that's a bit on the paranoid side, and he keeps saying we (the US, not me), want to kill him. Hey! Did anyone remember who else we apparently say that about? And hey! Does anyone see a red-blooded Latin guy who obviously has all that macho bullshit in him? And who let this knucklehead Robertson on TV. Sure Pat, we may want to "off" Chavez, but you don't go telling him that! Why don't you just get Castro on the horn and tell him too! Retard.
The odd phenomenon in all this is, Jessie Jackson finally proved his usefullness, and we all need to understand the monumental proportions of what he did. I'll break it down really easily...
We have an oil president, fighting a war to "liberate an oil country, while we get most of our oil from foreigners, including the one Pat Robertson hates so much, whom the president has spent his spare time bad-mouthing. Oil has doubled in price during this "oil" president's term. After pissing off the leader of where 15% of our oil comes from, along comes a hurricane and wipes out the American oil supply to America. What do you think would happen if Chavez decided this is a great time to cut our asses off from that 15%. No worries, along comes Jessie Jackson, who pulls our heads out of the fire, and even gets an offer to let Venezuela send poor people in the US some cheap heating oil...ironically, only if he gets to deliver straight to them. Seems he doesn't trust our government. Without Jessie, it may just be like an episode of Mad Max around here. They would call it the Great Oil War, and we would lose, because all they have to do is get cut us off. Yes, we are that dependent on other countries... Now is no time to act like a bunch of imperialistic assholes. Humility people...humility.

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