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September 2, 2005

My predictions for the hurricane aftermath...

1. More welfare recipients. Look at the people from the projects, either waiting for a handout, or letting the animal in their nature take over. These are people who scream "fuck you," while at the same time scream "why aren't you helping me?" Looks like Haiti to me.
2. Profiteering and looting. Yep, the worst in people will come out as everyone gets the "I gotta get some free stuff" feeling and we see at least five of the deadly sins rear their ugly heads.
3. Fuel efficient cars become more expensive, while the gas guzzling pigs sit on the lots. What the f--k was Ford thinking with that damn Excursion anyway?
4. Democrats will blame the President for Global warming.
5. Democrats will blame the President for the oil crisis. Of course, there was a Dem named Carter that screwed it up in the first place. Plus, look at all those wonderful alternative energy sources and fuel efficient vehicles that came from the Clinton Administration. Yeah...Right.
6. Blacks will embarrass their race, but "African Americans" won't see it that way. We will all embarrass our country around the world. Why let a volunteer driving his own boat on his own dime rescue you, when you can tip it over, steal it, and now you have a boat! Or do you? Where the hell are you going to go where you won't get caught? New Orleans is a fishbowl, remember?
7. Rich people will get paid first. Hey, no one told you to put that 5 million dollar house 200 feet from an ocean, but you did it anyway. Now you can wait for your check! Poetic justice would be the government reclaiming the land as "barrier, wetland, coastal conservation zone, or buffer."
8. The French will be recognized for another failure, which was their bright idea called New Orleans. Sure, let's build a city below sea level right next to the ocean! Didn't anyone back then look at a puddle and wonder why it was a puddle? They aren't doing that anymore! Yes, Mother Nature is a bitch with a bad attitude and a sick sense of humor.
9. No one will recognize the debris left behind as a source of fuel for powerplants. Why think about anything other than the term "trash to steam?" It works, and I think they have enough trash and debris to go around.

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