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September 14, 2005

Lawyers, guns, and money

the headline reads: In an ever increasing tightening of consumer demands around the country, the bare necessities have changed from food, clothing, and shelter to lawyers, guns, and money!

Need proof? Look at New Orleans! Were the looters stealing food? Hell no...they were getting guns and things they could turn into cash, like jewelry and clothes (hey, who doesn't need clothes after the storm? If you have some to sell...there you go).

Well, in looking at the new reports of consumer spending, besides thinking economists are a bit goofy, I find things quite what they don't say as much as what they do...

From Yahoo News:
The August sales report showed US consumers were maintaining robust spending levels despite the large increase in petrol prices. Gasoline station sales increased 4.4 percent in the month.
Retail sales are up 7.9 percent in the past 12 months. Excluding autos, sales are up 9.4 percent and excluding gasoline, are up 6.0 percent.
"These results cast more cold water on the notion that if non-discretionary spending on energy swells, it must crimp discretionary spending. It hasn't," said Ken Mayland, chief economist for ClearView Economics.
"Consumer spending has continued to advance strongly" even as petrol prices have doubled over the past two years, he said.
A breakdown of the August figures showed that furniture sales went up 0.9 percent, sales at health and personal care stores rose 1.2 percent and sporting goods sales increase 0.5 percent. END

Of course sales at the pump were up...It was the summer...duhhh. Of course sales figures for other than cars are was the summer, and the kids are also getting ready to go back to school. Not surprising is the drop in car sales...notice where it says gas prices doubled in the last two years. (you can thank our oil company president for that one). We have to drive SUV's right? I love those 12 miles per gallon! Now watch what the gas prices do to boat sales...

With all the credit cards the hurricane victims are running up, you'll see ore need for lawyers, guns, and money. With all the racial tension the dems are churning and burning...more lawyers, guns, and money. As we see more people who were left for dead or to drown as people said "feet don't fail me now" and saved their own asses, more need for lawyers, guns and money. As more people try to move back into the stormed-out areas and protect what little stuff they still have, the need rises. As more heads roll over who screwed this all up...more lawyers, guns and money. When the general wanted to keep the press away from the operations to recover the dead, in came the lawyers to mess with the guys with the guns, who came in to stop other guys with guns, who were looking for money and some flooded-out turf to control in order to make more money, then the politicians all start sniveling (who happen to all be lawyers or need them all the time). You see how this goes...

Furniture, health and personal care, and sporting goods? What does that sound like? bats, condoms, and guns. No matter what you do, if you use one of those three, you'll need a lawyer, and they cost money. Lawyers, guns and money... If people would only use the guns on the lawyers...then people can keep their money...

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