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September 2, 2005

How much dough do we spend on New Orleans?

I don't know. Are they as deserving as say...Iraqi's? Haitians? Israeli's? Egyptians? How about Colombians? Now is the time our government will show us in as clear an example as the world has ever seen, if we care more about foreigners than we do about Americans...
We don't stop the flow of Mexicans, while we claim it's absolutely vital we close of the border of Iraq. We don't establish mass feeding programs for our OWN people, yet we feed the North Koreans. We give away the Panama Canal and weaken our defenses by throwing in all our military bases in that stupid deal, and we throw 300 BILLION dollars into a worthless cause in one year in the Middle East while we put Americans out of work in the idea of saving 48 billion over the next 20... So what makes you think we'll do the right thing for New Orleans? Please! We are incapable! As a taxpayer, I'm flat tired of these incompetent assholes in government who are more interested in arguing amongst themselves and getting their asses kissed than doing the right thing. If it's politically correct, we'll jump right on it, but if it even remotely looks like we're going to stop our egomaniacal worldwide charity operations in order to help our own citizens, the politicians will run faster than a dog with its ass on fire!

300 billion this year in Iraq, but 10 for New Orleans... Nice...

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