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September 12, 2005

The first thing that pissed me off today was CNN!!!

Here we go again, a bunch of "male-chicken suction applicators" hiding behind that tired bullshit line about people having the right to know certain things in a free society. Check it out... government gives up effort to block coverage of recovery of bodies HOUSTON (CNN) -- The federal government abandoned its effort Saturday to prevent the media from covering the recovery of bodies in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina, following legal action by CNN. Joint Task Force-Katrina "has no plans to bar, impede, or prevent news media from their newsgathering and reporting activities in connection with the deceased Hurricane Katrina victim recovery efforts including access to the sites, photographing, or reporting," wrote Col. Christian E. deGraff in a memorandum submitted in court. "We are pleased by the decision," said CNN News Group President Jim Walton. "The free flow of information is vital for a free society."On Friday, a U.S. district judge in Houston granted a temporary restraining order to CNN against a "zero access" policy announced earlier Friday by Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who is overseeing the federal relief effort in the city, and Terry Ebbert, the city's homeland security director.

Of course that "Richard Cranium" Walton is pleased! Now he can have families of the dead see their loved-one's face as they get pulled out of the water! Not only can they be devastated by their loss, but shocked by the graphic nature of their family members physical condition after being in the water so long. Nothing like going to court to get the rights to full-gore, eh Jim, you asshole! What LTG Honore' was doing was trying to respect the dead, care for the living, and make sure a little dignity and decorum was applied to this situation. We all know it could use some of that by now! No, not CNN...they want the damn Texas Chain Saw Massacre for all to see! Hey! Where was the court battle over the picture of JFK junior after he soaked for a couple days? Oh, decided to skip that one, huh? Tell you what Jim...if they catch any babies, maybe you can see if they can hold them up to the camera for you.. You need an ass kicking.

I can understand wanting to see old Hanoi Jane's' corpse, hey, she deserves it, but I don't think allowing respect for the dead and some common decency will hamper the free flow of information. I think it's just your twisted urge to see gore. Picture your family members getting yanked out of the water in such a state not even a gator would be attracted to them, with the associated odors and wretching from the people stuck with having to perform that grim task. Does that somehow arouse you? Stupid female parent fornicator...

You're a sick puppy, Jim...


P.S. Notice the politically correct expletives?

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